Effortless Billing
Launching a digital marketplace?
Hanbai has you covered.

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Launch complex products and features visually, no billing, ordering or self-care code required

On the spot payment processing with grannular charging, tax and currency management

Built-in user self-care. Let's user manage own subscriptions and purchases, on all devices

Granular Charging

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Manage End to End Customer Billing Experience

User Management

Manage your users using our user-friendly self-care, or integrate with your existing user management flow

Revenue Management

View ledger and transactions. Identify delinquent payers, reduce churn & automate collections

Billing & Analytics

Bill Reliably, analyze revenue, churn, finance & retention

Customer Self Care

Give your customers power to manage their purchases, subscriptions. View their bills and monitor transactions.

Regional Availabilities

Run region specific promotions
Price Scheduling
Set location based pricing
Offer country/state specific discounts

Pay for What you Use

Usage Based Pricing Charging System Fee

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